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August 29, 2013
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HMLS : Romeo (Updated) by kuroshirei HMLS : Romeo (Updated) by kuroshirei
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Name: Romeo Frederikson
Nickname: Romeo
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 189 cm
Weight: 75 kg
Position: Magus of Iceland/Division XII
Magus tattoo location: Left side of the neck
Real life job: Blacksmith & metal works dealer

[ The Weapon Summoner ]
Weapon Summoner is a person who has a knack for weapons in all its forms and shapes. This knack has evolved into magical power that supply him with the weapons he need. Hammers, axes, swords, spears, rapiers, just name 'em. In modern setting, the weapon summoner is able to call fort guns, explosives, and even battleships or jets. However, Romeo is special. His passion and affinity for sharp weapons has rendered him unable to summon any other weapons but swords and rapiers.

Romeo’s strength lies in his ability to always have a weapon that fits the given situation and be able to use it. This versatility makes him a great addition to the party. However, his specialized ability and lack of other skills make him fall behind when weapons are not needed.

Because of his vast knowledge of weapons and their uses, Romeo can use a standard action to observe his opponent and devise a counter-tactic for the opponent’s moves. In other words, he’s a calculating fighter.

All summoned weapons are of master worked quality, but any dispel or anti-magic effect will remove all summoned weapons immediately in a cloud of dust.

- Summon & Mastery : The ability to summon and master various kinds of swords
- Rapid Regeneration : The ability to quickly restore depleted stamina. He can also heal himself although it needs a while.
- Pandora's Box : Summons lots of swords at once. With this ability, he can do various offensive maneuvers like casting a rain of swords in a medium area.

Romeo Andersen was born in a wealthy family. However, as soon as he was born, his family noticed that he’s not a human. Scared of the calamity and destruction he might cause in the future, his family decided to abandon him somewhere in the woods. Lucky for Romeo, this act was immediately stopped by an old lady. She wasn’t afraid of Romeo being a magus, and even went as far as saying that Romeo deserves to be treated like everybody else. Since then, Romeo lived with the old lady. Apparently her deceased husband used to own a big metal works shop. Fueled with his abnormal interest in weapons, he worked hard to restore the shop’s former glory. He did this in order to repay the old lady’s kindness too. Up to this day, his parents still rejects him and treats him as if he’s nonexistent. Because of this, he changed his surname to Frederikson and decided to forget the fact that his biological family ever existed.

One night, some drunken thugs destroyed and burned the shop. At that moment, Romeo was going out to look for materials required for his next project. When he returned home, he was surprised and angry to find out that his shop was destroyed. You know what’s worse? The old lady died in the fire. Romeo swore to find whoever did this and avenge her.

A few weeks later, local radio broadcasted that the thugs have been caught and were held in custody. It also said that they were defeated by some strong shorty with a powerful lightning ability. Long story short, Romeo met that man, which turned out to be Svan, and said, ‘I’m not indebted to you in any way.’ and left. Svan, however, stopped him and offered Romeo to join the HMLS. Realizing that he has no other place to go, he said to him, ‘I don’t have the luxury to turn down your offer, but remember, this doesn’t mean I owe you sh*t. You need ME. This thing is mutual.’ Well, that’s what he said, but in his heart, he swore to be loyal to Svan till the end of his life.

- Cold
- Uncommunicative
- Focused
- Intelligent
- Observant
- Gets (hideously) excited around weapons

Relationships: None so far ; v ;

Quote: Pierced or slashed. Your choice. :shifty:


Finally done :iconrelievedplz: it took me two days to finish this appsheet. I'm sorry for the late submission :iconorzplz:
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